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Leon Chimney Repair Leon Chimney Repair
A Local San Jose Chimney Repair by Leon Masonry

Chimney Repair

Leon Masonry is the local San Jose Chimney Repair specialist. If your bricks are cracked, falling or leaking it is time for a chimney repair. Leon Masonry is the local San Jose Chimney specialist.

Many times a chimney can be salvaged replacing only the tower to keep the repair cost lower. Leon Masonry is owned by 2nd generation brick masons who will help you keep costs down by repairing your existing chimney.

What Our Clients Say

Fred Oliver, Coldwell Banker:
"Rich and Dave have helped a number of my clients assess and repair a number of chimney issues. They are reliable and great craftsmen. I keep them on my referral list."

Jorge E. Gosálvez, INTERO Real Estate:
" have used Leon Masonry for almost 25 years, Dave or Rich have help me and my clients from inspections, repairs and in some cases complete rebuilding of a chimney from the ground up. They are prompt and very fair on their prices. They respond quickly and get their reports just as fast. I remember a very long time ago when I met Dave at a property. He said this chimney is fine even before inspection, and then he concluded, that he was involved in the building of chimneys in that track. I strongly recommend them for all masonry work."

Another Local San Jose Chimney Repaired by Leon Masonry
Leon Chimney Repair Leon Chimney Repair
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